7 tips to combat mental fatigue

Do you ever feel tired even in the morning? Are you sometimes conscious that you are not as productive as you would like to be or as you used to be? If the answer is yes, don’t despair. Here are 7 useful tips to overcome this.


There’s no escaping the fact that a healthy and balanced diet is and always will be the number 1 weapon to combat mental and physical fatigue. Inadequate nutrition is very often the cause of lower-than-expected performance, exhaustion and fatigue.

2)Physical activity.

“Mens sana in corpore sano is not only an ancient Latin saying but a real cure-all. In addition to allowing us to “disconnect” completely from our routine, sport helps to combat anxiety and stress. This prevents their gradual accumulation to levels that result in mental fatigue.

3) Exercising the brain.

Yes, not only our body but our brain too needs to be trained. The more we train our brain the better we are able to experience real emotions, especially if you are students with little free time during the day. There are many useful exercises to exercise the brain. One of the most famous is definitely the so-called “Dictionary Technique”

4) Sleep.

Sleeping at least seven to eight hours a day should be a golden rule to adopt at all times. We know very well that unfortunately this is not always possible due to several commitments, whether these are related to work, study and why not, even entertainment. However, the instances where sleep is reduced to less than seven hours per day should be limited to a maximum of twice a week.

Avoid also over-sleeping, especially on weekends: in fact, too much sleep could produce results similar to little sleep and so at the beginning of the following week, you will find yourself tired again despite the many hours of sleep.

5) Breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This has been repeated to us since we were young.

In fact, you should devote the right amount of time to this “important” ritual. The usual coffee in a hurry on the fly may not be enough.

Milk, cereals and carbohydrates are highly recommended to start off the day on the right foot and be productive right away.

6) Take a break.

A 5-minute break is essential for study and working days. Detaching even for a few minutes will give you the necessary recharge to then return to resume from where you had paused.

If you can, in these 5 minutes, take a short walk and stretch your legs. Another small tip is to drink a glass of water with a few drops of lemon added.

7) Dietary supplements.

There are several dietary supplements on the market to combat fatigue. The most effective vitamins in this regard are definitely those of Group B and D.

Have you ever heard of Mind the Gum?  It is  a dietary supplement in the form of chewing gum. It contains 15 active components (including theanine, caffeine, B vitamins and biotin) specifically designed for concentration and mental energy.

When you notice that mental fatigue is taking over, chew a Mind the Gum and within a few minutes you are ready to resume what you started.

You can find Mind the Gum in Pharmacy or on our Ecommerce.

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